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Lego Batman Coloring Contest!

Bring in the kids and pick up a coloring sheet to take home and color! Once you are finished coloring, bring it back for a chance to win a Lego Batman Movie Lego Set from Northern Hills Cinema. This is available to children up to age 14. When you bring your coloring sheet back we will display it at the theatre and then draw a winner. Coloring sheets can also be downloaded here on the website - visit the Lego Batman Movie page!


You already know Northern Hills Cinema has delicious, fluffy popcorn. It’s a great treat when watching a movie at our place - but did you know you can enjoy the tasty, golden goodness while entertaining friends and family at your place? It’s true! We offer two take home options. The first being a LARGE POPCORN WITH A MEDIUM DRINK and the second is a BIG PARTY BAG. It’s not just big - It’s really big! Big enough to serve up to 10 of your friends. Simply put, it’s pretty much the best popcorn ever! Take home a bag or three! BIG PARTY POPCORN is available every day of the year and is perfect for birthdays, office celebrations, holiday parties or any gathering with family and friends! Get yours now!

Rated R Policy

We take “R” rated movies seriously and so should you, so please have an ID ready when purchasing a ticket. If you are 16 & under or do not have an ID verifying you are 17 or over, you must have parental permission to see an “R” rated movie. Each child’s parent must give permission, in person, before purchasing the “R” rated ticket. We do not allow “R” rated tickets to leave the theatre so you will be asked to write your name on the back (or child’s name) and you can retrieve them when you come back for the movie. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.